Tuesday 20th February 2018,


Are you a player looking for inspiration? Are you a teacher in search of technique and training drill videos? You might just want to check out some of the training methods used by VBVA to generate some of the best young players in Australia.

You’ll find all that and more if you scroll down this page!

VBVA is currently creating and publishing a host of drills on Youtube, and in a few weeks will begin releasing specific technique based videos to accompany them. The aim is to give teachers and players an opportunity to self-correct and/or enhance their own teaching and development.

Peripheral Drills

These drills are designed to enhance the peripheral vision of players; allowing them to play a more cerebral game.

Your peripheral vision can help you spot a gap just before you play a shot; see an opposition blocker peel as you’re about to push into your jump… and help you rely less on a partner who may not be calling the spaces.

General training Drills

These drills work on fitness, repetition of technique, court awareness and overall vision. Some require a higher level of ability, others can be used with beginners.

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Note: A few of the videos were originally saved in a format which unfortunately squeezes the width a little…

AVP Old School videos

It’s taken him years, but AVP buff and good friend Lance Lee has managed to compile the largest playlist of Old School AVP Beach Volleyball footage in the history of Old School AVP Beach volleyball footage playlists!

The following videos come from a time when big court encouraged perfect technique, and lots of court intelligence. The rallies were immense, the commentary precise and the shorts oh, so bright!

We expect all our VBVA juniors to watch as much of this stuff as possible, it’s that good.

Below is a stream of the ‘highlights’ playlist; for hundreds more videos check out the Lance Lee Old School channel here

AVP Current videos

It’s a smaller court and the male players are almost all quite a bit bigger, but there is something special about the reincarnation of the greatest brand the sport has ever known; the AVP.

There’s a lot of great vision from women’s games… If the large number female VBVA crew members needed further motivation.