Tuesday 20th February 2018,


Age | Nickname:

16 | Pup

Started playing:

Mid 2013

Rep honours/Achievements:


1st –

AAA Pairs Warm-up – Vic Beach Tour,

AAA NSW OPEN Women’s Division two

AAA VA Eligibility event – round 1 – Vic Beach Tour

3rd –

AAA Round 3.5 – Vic Beach Tour

AAA Round 1 – Vic Beach Tour


1st – Australian Junior Tour – SA Open


Represented Australia at Asian Junior Champs in Thailand


I started Beach Volleyball in 2013 and fell in love as soon as my feet hit the sand. My first goal was to make the U15 state beach team. Little did I know one year later I would have been playing for my Country at the U17 Asian Beach Volleyball Championships.

I was hit with an injury (ostiochondrisis decicans) and was out for 12 months. it was a rough time for the most part, but I learnt so much in the time I had off, for example how to keep your body in tip top condition.

With the help of my coach, friends and family I was able to get back onto the sand and win my first AAA event, in the opening tournament of the 2017/18 Vic Beach tour. I am currently training my hardest in the gym and on the sand in preparation for the youth Olympic trials.

Coach says:

“Wow! Lauren has the world at her feet and – if she can keep pushing – will have medals in her hands. She has represented Australia at U17 level, playing Asian Champs in Thailand, and will well and truly be in the frame for Youth Olympics in 2018. Tall, strong and court smart, Lauren is already beating the best open players in Victoria.” – BAM
2017/18 Goals:

  • Make Youth Olympics 2018.
  • Make finals consistently for AAA.
  • Hustle till I get every ball up.

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