Tuesday 20th February 2018,


Age | Nickname:

16 | Lozzie

Started playing:


Rep honours/Achievements:


9th – Australian Tour – SA Open.

3rd – Australian Junior Tour – SA Open


U17s Victorian team


I started playing indoor volleyball in Singapore in 2012 and competed with my school team at the 2014 School`s Cup in Melbourne. However, when I moved to Australia in 2014 I was recommended the VBVA to train for beach volleyball. After my first few sessions, I immediately fell in love with the sport and have stuck with it.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the National Junior Trial Camp in 2015 where I was able to train with some of the best players of my age and to compete in my first tournaments. In 2016 I was chosen to be a part of the U17 Victorian Team where I played with my current partner Lucia. Since then, Lucia and I have consistently played together in VicBeach competitions and have also competed in the SA open Australian tour (9th) and Australian Junior Tour (3rd).

In the future, I am excited to play more national tour events, including the NSW open in November 2017 and to continue towards completing my goals.

Coach says:

Laura has height, great reflexes and huge power. In the last year Laura, along with partner Lucia have made unbelievably large strides; holding their own against the best players in Australia. If Laura keeps this trajectory, international events and Australian representation are well within her grasp.” – BAM

2017/18 Goals:

  • To play as many tournaments in the AAA division as possible.
  • To make my game play more consistent.
  • To improve my defence and stamina throughout games and tournaments.
  • To work hard on perfecting my jump serves and hand sets.

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